Innovation and Digital Health Strategy 

Developed a comprehensive strategic plan for an academic medical center’s innovation program and tech transfer office

  • Evaluated existing programs and structure
  • Guided organization to create clear innovation objectives
  • Developed organizational structure, staffing, budget and programming
  • Created detailed 3-year deployment plan
  • Established metrics for success; identified possible barriers
  • Met with top leaders to socialize new innovation strategy


Developed digital health strategy/program for global pharmaceutical company. Assessed existing digital health activities, identified deficiencies and opportunities.

Phase 1: Prepared and led digital health education

  • Defined conceptual framework to organize digital health activities
  • Benchmarked and categorized existing digital health projects
  • Identified relevant industry trends
  • Developed organizational digital health resources

Phase 2: Created Digital Health Strategy

  • Developed digital health strategic framework by pharma stakeholder
  • Analyzed patient and provider unmet needs by therapeutic area
  • Developed therapeutic-area road maps based on patient/provider needs

Phase 3: Supported strategic plan implementation

  • Socialized digital health framework and concepts across organization
  • Identified pilot projects to achieve strategic objectives in key therapeutic areas
  • Identified and facilitated introductions to digital health start-ups
  • Established governance arrangement 

2. Developing a Digital Health Strategy

1. Designing an Innovation-Program Strategy

The Innovation LIfecycle 


Led an academic medical center from planning to execution of its first institutional telehealth program.Type your paragraph here.

  • Convened Telehealth Task Force, including clinicians, lawyers, technologists, administrators
  • Managed telehealth sub-committees on technology, strategy, competitive positioning, and industry trends
  • Developed institutional telehealth strategy from pilot project through implementation for programs
    • in virtual patient care and clinician-to-clinician virtual consultations
    • With community hospitals, primary care doctors, specialists, and patients 
  • Supported launch of 10 telehealth pilot projects in variety of clinical sub-disciplines 
  • Oversaw selection of hardware and software; design of clinician workflow; user training; and resolution of legal, compliance, and finance issues
  • Developed payment model strategy; worked with insurers and legislators to support telehealth reimbursement 

3. Developing and Implementing a Telehealth Program