HealthIS's experience in developing innovation strategy and executing programs predates the current buzz around innovation. Given our deep expertise, we are often featured in the media and at conferences, providing the type of high-quality advice our clients have come to rely on. Check out our interviews, keynotes, panels, podcasts, and news articles below.










Fostering a Culture of Authentic Innovation During a Pandemic
HealthChangers Podcast - Cambia Health
July 6, 2020
Areas of Promise (Ep 258)
Relentless Health Value
January 30, 2020
Strategies for Health Care Innovation (Ep 79)
Darwin Research Group
November, 2019
How to Get Real Results From Your Innovation Department (Ep 222)
Relentless Health Value
April, 2019
00:00 / 29:46
How Digital Health Companies Can Help Pharma Innovate Faster
The Healthcare Innovators' Podcast, Datica
July 25, 2017
Ethics Talk: Telemedicine - Its Opportunities and Challenges
AMA Journal of Ethics
December 2014

May 2020

COVID-19 Sparks New Opportunities for Digital Health Companies

Aug 2019

Eli Lilly Launches IBD
Digital Health Challenge

Mar 2020

The Innovative Challenge - Elixir Factor Podcast

(S2 Ep1)

Dec 2019

Lilly Names HealthVoyager as Winner of Digital Health Challenge

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