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Who we are

Who We Are

  • Boutique healthcare-strategy firm led by a nationally-recognized innovation thought leader, with 20+ years of experience working side-by-side with CEOs, COOs, CSOs (Chief Strategy Officers), CInOs (Chief Innovation Officers), board members, and other leaders on innovation-program design.

  • Specialists in innovation program design and optimization for large healthcare organizations including pharmaceutical companies, academic medical centers, integrated health systems, providers, payers, and medical device firms.

  • Boston-based innovation and strategic planning experts who bring extensive insight into healthcare-innovation program best practices and a global perspective on “best-of-breed” innovation programming.

  • An organization and a team with deep experience that has supported many healthcare and large system enterprises including:  Atrium Health, Kaiser Permanente, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Cook Children's, Mount Sinai Hospital, Partners Healthcare, Biogen, Eli Lilly and Roche.

Our Expertise

Our expertise
  • Innovation Program Design
    Healthcare firms today need a strategy to leverage innovation and assure their future success. We can help build and optimize an innovation program that drives the results your organization needs.


  • Digital Health Strategy
    Digital health is revolutionizing healthcare today. Many firms are using digital solutions to get ahead of the competition. Work with us to develop your company's digital health strategy for success.

  • ​Innovation Challenges
    External innovation activities have become a powerful tool for organizations to engage with healthcare's dynamic innovation ecosystem. Get our assistance with the strategy, planning, and execution of successful innovation challenges, hackathons, and other innovation events.

  • The Digital Future
    The pace of digital change in healthcare is extremely rapid. We can help explain the trends in digital health and healthcare innovation that are affecting your organization now and in the future.

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