• Naomi Fried

Introducing: The “Innovating Innovation” Blog

“We are not able to innovate effectively,” say 55% of company executives, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers 2019 Global CEO Survey.

We've got you covered.

I was one of the first healthcare innovation leaders in the US, launching and then leading innovation at Kaiser Permanente, Boston Children's Hospital, and Biogen. I've developed strategy and implemented programs to create a thriving innovation culture, improve outcomes, identify novel healthcare solutions, and help shape the future of healthcare.

With 20+ years of experience working side-by-side with business and clinical leaders, I want to share that deep knowledge, unique perspective, and honed expertise to help advance our field.

With that in mind, I'm launching “Innovating Innovation,” a new blog to share best practices on innovation programming and to create clarity in the emerging digital health field. This blog will explore a range of topics -- from how to build and sustain an innovation program to what makes a program succeed. Drawing on my years of hands-on experience, I’ll share the tricks and techniques needed to build and drive healthcare innovation. I will discuss my global perspective on innovation programs, focusing on how new initiatives can address challenges faced by providers, payers, and pharma.

“Innovating Innovation” will also explore digital health, examining cutting edge technologies and the ways in which they are transforming healthcare.

Most importantly, my hope is that this blog will create a dialogue. I am seeking your input, experiences, and advice. Far beyond the 280-character restriction on twitter, “Innovating Innovation” will provide a platform for meaningful conversation and information sharing about both digital health and healthcare innovation.

I hope you'll join us!